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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Career Guidance Seminar - Mumbra Kausa

Students Islamic Organisation of India (SIO) Mumbra Kausa organized a very successful career guidance seminar which ended on a high note bringing excitement in the present generation of the student community. The seminar was organized at Abdullah Patel School, Mumbra. Approximately 700 students received guidance during this full day seminar.
Renowned personalities from diverse fields were part of this seminar. Program started at 10:30 am with the recitation of Holy Quraan by Br. Azhar.
After that Professor S.A.M Hashmi (Ex-Principle Akbar Peer Bhai College, Director IAS guidance cell hajj committee of India) motivated the students to perceive their further studies with the objective of not only to earn money but also to contribute the society. Seeking knowledge is obligatory to all, he added. He congratulates Students Islamic Organisation of India (SIO) Mumbra Kausa for arranging such a marvelous program and requests SIO to keep on doing such activities to bring educational awareness in society. He stressed not to make a full stop after graduation, but to continue further studies.
Detailed information on government and Non government scholarship were provided by Er. Akmal and Er. Umer.
Mr. Arif Jamaal (CA, Tata consultancy Services) delivered an important lecture on career opportunities in Arts, Humanities and commerce.
Prof. S.A.M Hashmi delivered an informative speech on career opportunities in professional courses (i.e. BMS, BCA, B.Sc-IT, BMM, MBA etc).

After that there was an interesting open question and answer session.

Talk Show with Role Models was arranged, Professionals from various fields participated in the talk show it was an interactive session between the role models and the students. The role models were Mr. Arif Jamaal (CA, Tata Consultancy Services), Professor Waseem Hydery (M. Sc, SET qualified, Professor in Maharashtra College), Mr. Shoeb Dongre (B. Sc, Director of FK Solution).

The second session started after Zohar Salah which was full of information and motivation. Mr. Shakeel Shaikh (a regular writer of Urdu times) described about Technical courses after SSC, HSC. After that Professor Waseem Hydery delivered a lecture on career opportunities in Science (Engineering, Medical, Aviation and Bio-tech).

Second question and answer session was started in which various doubts of students were resolved.

Personal counseling of the students was carried out by the career counselors.

Br. Ziyaul Islam (President, SIO Mumbra Kausa) introduced SIO and its activities to audience. He appreciated the efforts of the Abdullah Patel School management and thanked the members, associates and JAC (Junior Associate Circle) of SIO Mumbra Kausa unit for their selfless and dedicated work which made the seminar successful.

SIO Mumbra Kausa thanks Almighty ALLAH for making the program a big success & appreciates Brother Ehtesham Qureshi (Coordinator, Career Guidance Seminar 2010) and his entire team for organizing the event.


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