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Friday, July 3, 2009

SIO's press release on Gay issue-and high court verdict.

Deleting anti sodomy law will encourage more anti-social activities: SIO

New Delhi (02/07/2009): Deleting anti sodomy law will lead to moreanti-social activities and will cripple the HIV/AIDS preventionefforts said Suhail K.K, National President, Students IslamicOrganisation of India (SIO) in a press statement. The Chief Justice ofDelhi High Court Honorable S. Muralidhar in his judgment, legalizinggay sex, has stated Section 377 of IPC as violating fundamental rightsguaranteed under constitution of India. He said that courts must notbecome the worshipers of words and ‘Right to Personal Liberty’ mustnot become the license to promote anti-social activities. He alsoraised his apprehension that tomorrow, on the guise of ‘right topersonal liberty’, incest and sex with animals would also belegalized. The judgment says that Section 377 IPC serves as the weaponfor police abuse; detaining and questioning, extortion, harassmentetc. It’s unfortunate that the court has failed to recognize that IPCitself has inbuilt safeguards like in S. 389, which clearly providesagainst the misuse of S.377 or harassment of the homosexual communityby the police or society in general.

Suhail said, Gay and lesbianism are against basic humanitarian valuesand against the social fabric of a civilised society. No person isborn homosexual, just like no one is born a thief, a liar or murderer.These evil habits are acquired from sorroundings. The agenda ofhomosexuals is just to universalise their behaviour and make thenotion that its normal. It is extremely sad to see that instead oftrying to impliment measures to curb heinous and uncultured practices,even courts are legalising them. SIO has a principled stand againstcounter values being promoted by market forces. He said that SIO wouldraise fundemental debates on morality and sexuality.

Mohd AzharuddinSecretary,
SIO of India,


ZIYA said...

It is must to protest , to make our country safe from evils.

parvez said...

Not only protesting but also giving information about the harmful effects of the same in terms of health as well as ethics. I am glad to see so many people protesting the same. SIO is doing really a good job.
Allahu Akbar.

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