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Saturday, July 4, 2009

No to “Gay Ho”: SIO stages protest against Delhi HC order

No to “Gay Ho”: SIO stages protest against Delhi HC order

Mumbai: Students affiliated to Students Islamic Organization of India held a demonstration after Juma Prayer today at Azad Maidan in Mumbai protesting the Delhi High Court order that has legalized homosexuality by scraping the Article 377 which has so far made the unnatural sex illegal.

Several students were holding placards in their hands with slogans like “God made Adam & eve, not Adam and Steve”, “Even animals are not homosexuals”, “Human rights are bound by Human Dignity”, “ Support Gays to promote AIDS” etc. They agitated and demanded that the central government should stick to article 377 and must challenge the recent high court verdict in the Supreme Court.Delhi High court delivered a controversial judgment to amend a 149 years old law-- section 377 of IPC—which criminalized consensual unnatural sex acts of adults in private. The two-judge bench observed that this law has violated the fundamental rights to personal liberty given under article 21 of the constitution.

Homosexuality is a psychological disorder and a major cause of AIDS opined Mr. Kamran Baig, an engineering student. He also quoted the data from a 2005 study by the Center for Disease Control of USA which observed that 71% of all HIV infected male adults were Gay.
Today on the argument of human rights homosexuality is legalized, tomorrow on the same argument we will have to legalize child sex lovers, animal sex lovers, drug addicts etc. said Waheed Shaikh, an agitator.

National president of SIO of India Suhail KK earlier said: “Gay and lesbianism are against basic humanitarian values and against the social fabric of a civilized society. No person is born homosexual just like no one is born a thief liar or murderer. These evil habits are acquired from surroundings. The agenda of homosexuals is just to universalize their behavior and make the notion that it is normal. It is extremely sad to see that instead of trying to implement measures to curb heinous and uncultured practices, even courts are legalizing them.”

Although this High court ruling is limited to Delhi but will pave the way for repealing the article 377. It should be stopped here and now. There must be a clear differentiation between human rights and social obligations. Even the family system, the bone of any civilized society is at the stake, Aslam Gazi, spokesperson, Jamaat-e-Islami, Hind, Maharashtra, said



ishtiyaq said...

its not related to the news, but abt the blog. Very nic one and very informative.
but one thing what i feel to b rectified is, the "flag".Thats not SIOs flag

ZIYA said...

yes this is right. it is against human nature. allah has created men and women but not created this species, so how can government allow for leegalisation of this act. it effects on life of an ordianry people.

Khaleel said...

the campaign against Gays should be at all india level from all communities.

usama said... is the first organisation which has taken this issue...

naeem said...

I dont know much abt this issue but

jo pehle band kamro me hota tha wo ab khule aam hoga....

I cant say wheather HC decision is right or wrong

Annu said...

There are some other org also who are doing same protest simulteniouslyin other part of country, yah u can say sio did fst in mumbai region, hope other org, also will get motivation and they wil also come fron to eradicate this evil.

Feroz said...

Dosti ladkiyo se, shadee ladkose karo. Sharm nahi ati to Dub Maro, Dub Maro.

shaikh said...

I appreciate the movement started by SIO. One fact we should know, that India is far more ahead in adopting western culture than compare to other Asian countries. I am happy that we are absorbing technology from them but I am really upset with blind adoption of nudeness (BEHAYAI). Firstly we Indian gave a wel come Western Fashion and now another new fashion that is HOMOsexual. And I feel all these are same wat QAUM-E-LU'UT had done long back and they were caught by Azab of Allah and Allah will soon catch hold of these people also. The people having rights(High Court) to differentiate between right and wrong are not Honest, they dont have fear to GOD on what they are approving and wat will b the ill effects of such an unnatural things on our society. They are seeding a seed of nudeness, AIDS-full and unhealthy society and community. Many people are saying that such an habit is been practiced in our society from a long time but it is not open to others then wats the harm in making it legal but they all agree on what is right and what is wrong. We should not forget what nature have gave us and what will happen when we try to walk agaist nature. MAY ALLAH GIVE US RIGHT SENSE. AAMeen

don said...

protest on 'No to Gay ho' is such good job in favor of our community.
which can encourage us to say truth,and commands recites by our prophate

parvez said...

The Persons who are attracted to same sex, i think have some psychological stress in their minds. Actually it is practised in West as many of persons are so addicted to sex that they are finding new ways to satisfy their lust so they try out sex with same sex.It is unnatural as well as healthy as it can have adverse effect both on health (AIDS) as well psychological effect which too is long term. So please oppose the same. Also read the comment of Mr. Shaikh.

parvez said...

Mr. Naeem i think you should read my comment as well mr. Shaikh's comment and then think yourself it is right or wrong.

Khaleel said...

Br. Parvez please read your comment " It is unnatural as well as healthy as it can have adverse effect both on health", i think thats why naeem bhai said like that.


parvez said...

sorry i think i have done a typing mistake i am extremely sorry for that it is unnatural and unhealthy.

Please sorry for this error.

shaikh said...

There is no doubt that in Islam homosexuality is considered 'sinful'. Homosexuality as far as Islam is concerned is a profound mistake ( as are all sins if they are not intending to do wrong). Humans are not homosexuals by nature. People become homosexuals because of their environments. Particularly critical is the environment during puberty. Suggestions, ideas & strange dreams are symptoms of confused attempts to understand new and blunt sexual desires and are rashly interpreted as defining someone as being one sexuality or another. If these conclusions are accompanied by actual homosexual acts they are even more strongly reinforced.

Human instincts can be subjected to acts of will. Sexuality is a choice of identity which follows choices of action which follow from choices of what to have sexual fantasies about. Human beings are especially able to control their thoughts, entertaining some and dismissing others.

However, if this free will is not recognised it is easy to get into a cycle of thinking which starts from accepting a hypothesis about yourself as true rather than as a possible choice (even if the options are sometimes difficult).For example: "I am lazy " could be supposed true by someone. When the person who thinks this lies around in bed in the morning he observes this inaction as evidence of the statement "I am lazy." As he repeatedly chooses to do so the evidence mounts and the idea becomes fixed in his identity. It may even have physical manifestations and change his physiology and psychology. This process can easily occur for any idea good or bad about the self which is based largely on evidence resulting from ones own action. The idea may be "I am 'gay'" or "I am content" or "I love eating lots of food". The truth is - you are what you choose to be ; you do what you choose to do ; you think what you choose to think. There may be long time delays between the causing choices and the effects but anyone can change themselves. There are reformed ex-drug addicts, reformed ex-compulsive gamblers and ex-homosexuals. In all these sins prevention is 1000 times better than cure and much easier.

It has been suggested that homosexuality is genetically inherited and that those who have this 'predisposition' are victims of it not sinners of any sort. However, there are other things which are probably genetically influenced to give predispositions to for example gambling or alcoholism .It could also be argued (and has been) that it is programmed into men's genetics for them to be unfaithful to their partner. All these things don't make it the right thing to do, nor does it prevent these things from being regarded as sinful. Drinking alcohol will still be regarded as sinful in Islam even if you have a predisposition to be an alcoholic. The trick as every post alcoholic will tell you is never touch another drop after you quit - it is a long slippery slope - your life is better without it. Once a certain desire is connected to your identity strongly and you get in some way hooked on it, it will always be easy to return to it - you are unable to forget the satisfaction. The difficult task is remembering the bad side of the desire, such as hangovers, lost money, self loathing or a simply sense of loss because of what you missed out on. But if you are to change for the better, you must remember this and the past desires you bound up with your identity can become disconnected from what you choose to become.


Anonymous said...

Giving way to scrapping of Sec 377 is the biggest dumbest mistake law of the country wud have ever done...

God made ADAM and EVE....LORD!!!
from where do they get this funda of ADAM and STEVE..

In Islam it is a big sin..and all i can pray is that Allah doesn show his wrath on my country as he did on Lu't (A.S.)'s kingdom.

Apart from religion also...scientifically, morally,logically this is so "gross"

we are blinded by the word "fashion" and "open-mindness"..we are driven towards immorality by the west and all weare doing is blindly following the pied piper only to be drown in teh river beneath..

parvez said...

I am convinced with both gulshan and shaikh

Alfia.Ansari said...

I very well agree with the comments mentioned above.Homosexuality is something that's not at all acceptable in our society.I was watching some news channel and there was a similar debate in which they were also talking abt ppl who are born gay.I am really not sure if there are ppl who are born that way? what abt them?.

zeba said...

Homosexuality is not only unacceptable, but it brings shame to the mankind, which ALLAH has created. Definitely govt. shud not giv green signal to dese laws. Its a pity!!

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