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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Nagpur’s Almas Sayyad topped Maharashtra HSC examination

Nagpur’s Almas Sayyad topped Maharashtra HSC examination

Assalam Allaikum (Almighty’s peace be upon you all).

Dear brothers & sisters, it’s indeed a great occasion for all of us to celebrate and thank Almighty Allah’s unending bounties. Continuing the tradition of girls shining in examinations, Nagpur’s Almas Sayyad joined the league too. She not only scored 98.5% but also topped Maharashtra State in her HSC examination.

We congratulate her from the deepest core of our heart. By the virtue of her success, she has not only proved that Muslims are not lagging behind but also have made us feel proud that Muslim girls are also on the path of progress and they are capable of creating history.

Initially, Almas did not believe that she had topped the exam and thought her brother was teasing her when he informed her of the news. She believed only when state board examination officials called her and informed that she has secured 98.5 percent marks that she realized that it was indeed true.
“I was expecting a position among top five but not the top one in state. I am on cloud nine,” said Almas. She completed her HSC from Shivaji Science College in Nagpur. Now she wants to study medicine. Her father and mother both are doctors and she wants to follow their footsteps,

Her success is an example of proverb “Hardwork is the key to Success”.

Let’s celebrate and enjoy this precious moment with our heartily congratulations to Almas Sayyad. Please post your wishes, blessings and messages to boost her up and show her that we all are her supporters and well wishers.

Go Ahead...Go now.

Almighty Allah may help her to achieve her goals and ambitions in both the worlds. Ameen.

(SIO Mumbai Division)


Anonymous said...

walekum salaam,

indeed Almas has done a great commendable job. May Allah almighty grant lotsa blessings to her here and in hereafter.

I am very sure that she has empowered and awakened many Muslim girls and other student as well with her awesome performance.

May other Muslim girls too find an inspiration in her and keep rocking and rolling, educationally :)

Way to go girl...waiting for ur mbbs results ;)

The woods are lovely, dark and deep
but i have promises to keep
and miles to go before i sleep..
and miles to go before i sleep..


Ansari Rehan said...

gr8 job by sis Almas. May allah succeed her in the akhirat also.Ameen.

Tabrez said...

mashaallah, alhamdulillah that's very great... may Almighty Allah also progress her in here after as well.

Asif Dange said...


It is indeed very nice to hear about the great news. Heartly Congratulations to Almas. May Allah shower his mercy and blessings upon her as she is now an inspiration for all the Muslim students to give in their best.

Congratulations once again to sister Almas.

Khaleel said...

Masha Allah, she has done a great work.
May Allah give her success in her future.

Nisar said...

Congrats!!!!!! to Almas, She created new think line (In Education) for all girls specially for Muslim girls.
Keep it up.

Mohammed Sabir said...


You have made all of proud. Hope all the girls follow your footsteps...

May Allah almighty increase your knowledge of Deen as well as make you a successful doctor....


muhsina said...

Congrates!!and welldone sis Almas!!
u have made all of us proud.Indeed muslim girls have calibre of achieving great things.use ur knowledge for the the deenand b committed.wish u willsucceed in the highest level inboth the worlds!!! Aameen!

Musab said...

congrats a ton..but its just beginning
the real success lies in utilization of talent for the service of humanity
may allah give u power and guidance for that

naeem said...

Congrats to her.I think this is the new begining of ALMAS and other muslim girls.
I Hope she wll bcom role model for muslim girl as well as to others.

May ALLAH (SWT)showered success in evry good path she choose

Naeem Shaikh

Mirza's said...

May Allah SWT succeed her more in Duniya and Aakhirah... Aameen

Ziyaul Islam

TAUQEER said...

You done a great work.

Really! Hard Study is the key of Success.

shaikh said...

Allah Hu Akbar

Congratulation to Sister Almas for great achievement in her exams, Others must inspire from her and try to be success like her in Dunya and Aakhirat as well. Amin

usama said...

We are proud of you Almas...May allah succeed you further...

akki said...


congrats almas.

mirza said...

Whatever u have achieved almas is from ALLAH(swt).it is his gifted talents which is a trust to you.
whatevr heights u achieve in ur life never forget that u r a muslim and you are created with a purpose.
use your talents for the service of Islam.
and try to achieve highest success that is jannah.
mirza kamran

parvez said...

May Allah give her more success not only in this world but also in the hereafter.

Our Journey

Your Pearls of Wisdom

Success breeds success

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"How can you afford to share your best seed corn with your neighbors when they are entering corn in competition with
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