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Friday, June 5, 2009

How you find this new look of our beloved blog??

Dear students and youths,


Our blog has undergone a full renovation resulting into a new, favorable and fresh look and to provide you an experience of better accessibility, navigation and readability.

We wish to hear from you about this new look of SIO Mumbai blog, do feel free to post your comments, suggestions and more creative ideas.

thnx. :) :)


usama said...

Its very nice......

Anonymous said...


The New Look is good..but not very personal think is, u can make it more attractive.

SIO is for all students said...

Kindly post u r suggestion mehmood brother, how it cud be more and more btter,if u have any idea,

Tabrez said...

alhamdulillah... that seems very good.... well brother.. the placement is also good.. bole to DHASU

shaikh said...

Mashallha,its grt, Congrats u and ur team

Ansari Rehan said...

gr8 job by sio mumbai...pls. be active on the ground the issue of indian students in austraila and the topper of HSC in Mahaarshtra must be linked to the blog to reach the students...
a humble sugestions

SIO is for all students said...


Brother, We required u r pray and co-operation as well, tomorrow u will see a nice post related with HSC toppers InshaAllah,

Nisar said...

New look of SIO blog very nice, keep it up.

nazeer said...

it good but i dont think it is attractive.

SIO is for all students said...

Brother, kindly put suggestion as well, that how it can be more beautifull and attractive,??

shaheen said...

The issue of students racism. Does SIO has any stand on the same?. The Admission process of Junior colleges is going to be online from this year. Can we kme up with any iformation on it. The deadlines of Post HSC & SSC admissions, websites etc a lot can kme.

SIO is for all students said...

Yes brother,This work is going on, and it wil come very soon,abt racism issue,we are preparing a post,and this post is abt comment on blog's look, kindly post on abt if is there any chnages needed.

Musab said...

Mau Allah bestow peace n mercy upon u..And guide u in using ur talent for the service of humanity

Mohammad Shahanshah Ansari said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mohammad Shahanshah Ansari said...

The new look and feel of Blog is very good. Appreciated...

I would like to suggest few things to make it more vibrant.

1. Search box will play a key role for the users to look for the articles of their interests. Keeping this basis and useful need Blogger has recently added a vibrant search box for their users. You can easily add this to our blog at top right.

2. The body of the page(which is left side bar) should be more wider. You can do it by keeping only two columns in this blog.

Apart from these I would suggest to post more articles related to Students. You can create a tab having list of Muslims Institutions in Mumbai with their addresses and contact numbers.

SIO is for all students said...


Brother shahanshah, We will really look on u r valuable suggestion.

don said...

protest on'No to Gay ho'is such a good job in afavour of muslima community becouse it very very work of shame snd sin infront of our beloved prophat

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