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Saturday, March 21, 2009

SIO's take on Ragging


Law on ragging must be enforced urgently: SIO

New Delhi (11/03/2009): The existing laws on ragging must be enforced in all the campus of the Nation urgently, stated Suhail K.K, National president of SIO in a press statement. Aman Kachroo is yet another victim of ragging that came into the limelight. The DPS pass out who recently got admitted in a medical school in Himachal Pradesh had been brutally murdered by his drunk-seniors. This is only one of several incidences happening in the campuses of our country. The boy was a victim of the ragging since a long time still faculty and college authorities looked away. The incident proves clearly that there is no provision of ensuring an alcohol free hostel premises or even so-called prevention of minor drinking despite several laws to that effect. What was most criminal is the fact that despite this tragic event had happened, college authorities did try to push up the matter as a petty suicide case. The recommendations made by the Raghavan committee, appointed by the Supreme Court and the current rules are adequate enough to wipe this menace. But the soft corner approach by the college administrations and the teachers are creating loop holes which end up in dangerous consequences. SIO strongly demands the authorities that the criminals must be punished and that the Government must ensure that no such acts repeat in any part of the country in the future. 


Our Journey

Your Pearls of Wisdom

Success breeds success

There was a farmer who grew superior quality, award-winning corn in his farm. Each year, he entered his corn in the state fair where it won honors & prizes.

One year a newspaper reporter interviewed him and learned something interesting about how he grew his corn. The reporter discovered that the farmer shared his seed corn with his neighbors.

"How can you afford to share your best seed corn with your neighbors when they are entering corn in competition with
yours each year?" The reporter asked. "Why brother"

'' The farmer replied, "Didn't you know? The wind picks up pollen grains from the ripening corn and swirls it from field to field.

If my neighbors grow inferior, sub-standard & poor quality corn, cross-pollination will steadily degrade the quality of my corn. If I have to grow good corn, I must help my neighbors to grow good corns."

The farmer gave a superb insight into the connectedness of life. His corn cannot improve unless his neighbors' corn also improves. So it is in the other dimensions and areas of life!
Those who choose to be in harmony must help their neighbors and colleagues to be at peace.

Those who choose to live well must help others live well. The value of a life is measured by the lives it touches...

Success does not happen in isolation; it is most often a participatory and collective process. So share the good practices, ideas and new knowledge with your family, friends, team members and neighbors & all.

(sent by Ab.waheed)